Do It Yourself KitKat Birthday Cake

Do It Yourself KitKat Birthday Cake

Having a hard time buying a cake? How about I teach you how to make a do it yourself Kitkat birthday cake. Not only it’s creative and unique but the celebrant would be very happy to see you exerted an effort in making it. So here is how it looks like:

DIY kitkat cake


  • 1 round chocolate moist or you can bake your own cake and place a chocolate frosting on the side

chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

  • 16 2′ KitKat bars (The number depends on the size of your cake)
  • 4 dozen Nips or a bag of M&M’s
  • 4 packs Chips Delight or Chips Ahoy *optional
  • ribbon
  • greeting card
  • cake box


  1. Prepare the ingredients. Make sure to wash your hands properly.
  2. If your cake has a frosting on it, it’s already fine. But if you baked your own or bought a round cake only, make sure to cover the whole cake with chocolate frosting.
  3. Divide the KitKat into individual pieces and stick them on the sides. The KitKat bars will just stick to the frosting on the cake. And it will serve as a fence to the nips or M&M’s that we are going to place on top.

    adding kitkat on cakeKitKat bars on the side

  4. Secure them with a ribbon.

    decorating the kitkat cakeSecuring the bars with the ribbon

  5. Sprinkle the Nips or M&M’s on top and whatever you like to place on top. Actually just explore your imagination. You can use fruits or marshmallows as toppings.
  6. Place your greeting card when done. You can also use candles or lollipops as toppers.
  7. Place them in a box and that is how easy it is!!! Be creative as you can be!

DIY Kitkat cakeKitkat cake inside the box

Try making a 2 tier KitKat cake by using a smaller cake for the top layer.