The highlight of our Puerto Princessa Palawan trip was the Puerto Princessa Subterranean River National Park or the Puerto Princessa Underground River. This is a UNESCO heritage site and has been chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

We booked our trip to the underground river via our hotel. They charge us 1500 Php/head. I didn’t plan a DIY trip to Underground river knowing how far it is from our hotel. Anyway it was hassle free and it includes a licensed tour guide, boat fee, environmental fee, permits, travel insurance, buffet lunch at Sabang and transportation (air conditioned van) for the trip. But DIY is always a cheaper option.

We started our trip early in the morning and the van picked us in our hotel with other people joining the trip. Prepare yourselves for a long and winding trip.

Outside view of the underground river. It is surrounded with rich flora and fauna.

Sabang Port

Once we arrive at Sabang, we feasted on the buffet lunch in one of the restaurants in Sabang. There are also people who offered tour packages to El Nido. And since we booked for a tour package, we are going to ride an outrigger boat to the docking area of underground river. You can also access the underground river by trekking the monkey and jungle trail.

Docking area

Most of the time, it rains in Sabang. And there is a big chance, trips to underground river will be cancelled. We went here March which is a dry season in Philippines, but when we went back to Sabang port, it rained and I was very thankful that we arrive safely at the port and still witnessed the wonders of the underground river.

Welcome to the Underground River. Tip: Apply insect repellants.

BayawakCan you find the Bayawak? Not only Bayawak but there were also monkeys walking around the national park.

Entrance to the cave

While waiting for our turn to go inside the river, we went on this side of the beach. This place is just amazing and relaxing. Hoping for the government and the people to protect this beauty.

They use a paddle boat in touring around the cave. The paddle boat can accommodate 10 people. Jorj and I were seated at the front so I had the chance to hold the flashlight while the tour guide talks about some information of the cave. It is a 45 minutes tour and you will not even notice the time because you will be amazed of the beauty inside it.

Paddle boat

Getting inside the cave

Beautiful stalactite formations. And that one forms like a cabbage.

Corn cob stalactite formation


The 45 minutes trip will not entirely cover the whole area of the underground river.

Going out from the cave



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