Puerto Princessa Palawan is situated in the west part of the Philippines. It has many islands, beaches and diving spots to boast. And you can find here the famous Puerto Princessa Subterranean River National Park or what we usually call the Puerto Princessa Underground River.

We booked at Deep Forest Garden Inn since it is accessible to the airport and to other city attractions. They picked us in the airport and we were upgraded to the Queen room since all Deluxe rooms were not available that day. The room is air conditioned and it has a hot and cold shower, television, and mini refrigerator. You will also notice a lot of wood carvings in the room and at the front desk. They also have a pool, pool bar, jacuzzi and a human size chess board. Together with our room booking included a free breakfast everyday. And it didn’t disappoint us. Big servings, good food and a very accommodating staff. If you wanted to stay in a affordable stay with all this amenities, then check out Deep Forest Garden Inn.

Deluxe room

Swimming pool and pool bar



On our first day, we first ate our lunch at La Terrasse. We rode a trike going there from Deep Forest and we just told the driver to drop us at La Terrasse in Rizal Avenue. We were greeted by their staff and led us to our table. We ordered their seafood platter for 650 Php and pineapple juice.

Seafood Platter

Will this fit in our stomach? Definitely YES! This has to be paired with a platter of rice!

Seafood Platter

Now, for our city tour, we booked a tricycle for 600 Php and haggled it for 500 Php. We asked the driver to tour us to Baker’s Hill, Mitras Ranch, Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (Crocodile Farm), Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Palawan Museum and the Provincial Capitol.

We started first at Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. The entrance fee for adults is 40 Php, senior citizen 30 Php and for children below 12 yrs old is 20 Php. This includes the educational tour around the farm. Not only crocodiles can be found around the farm. You will find there the very harmless Palawan bearcat, birds, wild boar and many more.

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center


Jorj and the bearcat

Next stop is Baker’s Hill. One of their famous pasalubong here is their hopia. And we also bought some brownies and cakes. This is a very child friendly place and you will see a lot of animals and cartoon characters statues.

Welcome to Baker’s Hill



Looney Tunes


Snow White and the six dwarves?

Pasalubong anyone?

After Baker’s Hill, we stopped at Mitras Ranch. The place is for free and the view here is amazing. Enjoy their zipline adventures, and horse riding.

Mitras Ranch Zipline Adventure

Enjoying the view from here

Free horse ride.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Facade of the cathedral

Beautiful hanging lights inside the cathedral

Palawan Museum

Palawan Museum


Palawan Provincial Capitol


Palawan Provincial Capitol

We then went back to the hotel to go to our firefly watching activity. I was very excited since I haven’t seen a single firefly ever since. We booked this through our hotel for 1300 Php which includes hotel van transfers, dinner cruise buffet, boat ride and paddle boat. When we arrived at the baywalk, we rode on an outrigger boat to transfer us near the mouth of the Sicsican river. We are then transferred to a paddle boat where we are going to ride as we cruise around Sicsican river. As we entered the river, it was very dark and the only light we are seeing are the stars in the sky. The guide then told us to place our fingers in the water and notice there are phytoplanktons illuminating in the dark. A few minutes after, we were amazed by the many fireflies flying on the mangrove trees. Actually many is an understatement. I wish I could have captured its magnificent beauty. All my pictures were pitch black. I really don’t know how to set my camera. 🙁

Flash photography is strictly not allowed during the trip.

Paddle boat transfer

After the tour, we went back to the bigger boat and ate our dinner.

On our second day, we had our Underground River tour. Read my separate post for Puerto Princessa’s Underground River here. And we had our heavy dindin at Kinabuchs Grill and Bar. Where tourists often visit this place because of their famous kinilaw na Tamilok or wood worm ceviche. This is one of Palawan’s famous delicacy. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried it. 🙁


All for us! Yum!


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