One random day I suggested to Jorj that we go to the beach. We wanted to go somewhere far from the city and cheap. So I told him about Warren’s Beach Resort San Remigio Cebu. I have been there twice. First, is when we had our cultural mapping for our History class. And second was when we had a field trip for our Religion subject.

Warren's Beach Resort San RemigioGarden swing

Warren's Beach Resort San RemigioFree billiards

They have a small pool about 6 feet deep. And the thing that I liked in the place is their beach pool, where it collects water from the sea every time their is a high tide.

San Remigio swimming poolSwimming Pool

San Remigio swimming poolThe beach pool

My mom came along with us. We rode a bus at North Bus Terminal bound for Hagnaya. When we arrived at San Remigio, we booked a tricycle to drive us to Warren’s. We bought foods at the market for our dinner and breakfast then we head straight to the resort. When we arrived, I was disappointed. It was not as beautiful and inviting as it was before. The playground is rusty. The beach pool is not clean. 🙁

And this is my first time to stay overnight at Warren’s. When we entered in our room, well, it was okay for the price. We got it for 1200 Php for the Deluxe room. The bathroom doesn’t drain properly. On the brighter note, they have a garden, grill where you can cook with no corkage fee (I suggest you cook since their restaurant is a bit pricey), swimming pool and a white sand beach.

warren's beach resort deluxe roomDeluxe Room

warren's beach resort deluxe roomInside the deluxe room

You can check their room rates at their website.

How to get there:

Ride a bus from North Bus Terminal bound for Hagnaya. And tell the bus assistant to drop off at San Remigio. Then book a tricycle to drive you to Warren’s Beach Resort.

San Remigio beach resort Sunset by the beach


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