The first part of my DIY Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen trip series is our overnight stay in Macau. Macau is a dependent territory of Peoples Republic China. It is a small peninsula in the southern coast of China. Since we have 8 days vacation, we decided to stay overnight in Macau. Its a ferry ride from Hong Kong either directly from Hong Kong airport or from Sheung Wan terminal or from Kowloon. It depends which is nearest to you and accessible. Since we decided to do Macau on our first day, we (supposedly) will take the ferry from the airport.

Unfortunately, we got check in bags and then we went outside the airport premises already and we cannot go back inside. So we were not able to ride the ferry from the airport. We asked the airport staff and she told us to take the A11 bus going to Sheung Wan terminal or bus stop #4. (This is actually an additional expense to our budget if only we haven’t got outside the airport 🙁 )

But if you will take the ferry from the airport, just follow these steps:

  • Go to location of Turbojet Check-in Counter at Level 5 HK International Airport
  • Turbojet check-in at Level 5 transfer area at Air/Sea Transfer Desk (Passengers should transit to PRD on the same day upon arriving HKIA)
  • Ferry Ticket reader before Ferry boarding at Level 5
  • Ferry boarding gate at APM
  • Automated People Mover at Skypier
  • Air to Sea Departure at the Skypier

Before we looked for the A11 bus, we bought our Octopus card in the information counter inside the airport. We loaded it for 300 HKD each, good for our 8 days stay in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen. (The 300 HKD was enough for our 8 days 7 nights vacation) Once we got out from the airport, I thought I was still inside, since the weather is already chilly. So this is how winter feels. What more with snow?!

We lined up with the other passengers waiting for the A11 bus. You won’t miss it since they really have big signs on their buses. And they have LED banner informing which bus stop is next. So make sure to be attentive to get off in the 4th stop the Sheung Wan Macau Ferry terminal. The Macau ferry terminal is located at 3rd floor of Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan. You can buy round trip tickets or one way. We bought one way ticket since we are staying overnight in Macau. We’ll just buy the return ticket the next day. Before boarding, you still need to pass through an immigration counter to enter Macau. Once you are good to go, wait in the designated boarding gate and make sure to listen for announcements.

Macau outer harbour terminalMacau Outer Harbour

Macau outer harbour terminalInside Macau Outer Harbour

It’s approximately an hour travel time to Macau Outer Harbor. Remember that Macau has 2 ferry terminals, one in Macau Outer Harbor and the other one is in Taipa island. Once you arrived in the port, don’t forget to get some copies of Macau guide, maps and brochures.  And I hope the illustration I created below, will help you familiarize where to find Macau’s famous tourist spots.


Macau’s famous tourist spots

What I like about Macau is the free shuttle services offered by the hotels and casinos. We really took advantage of this one. The shuttle buses can be found in the airport terminal, ferry terminals and in the hotel’s shuttle bus station. Simply board a free shuttle bus to any hotel or casino that will take you to the nearest tourist spot or where you are headed to. Once you arrived at the hotel, just walk to your destination and you don’t have to pay a single penny. You just have to know which hotel shuttle bus to ride in reaching your destination. Refer from the link below for hotel free shuttle bus assignments:

macau free shuttleFree shuttle buses outside Macau Outer Harbour

First stop on our list is the Venetian Hotel. Since we arrived early and we still cannot checked in the hostel, we visited the Venetian first. Outside Outer Harbor are different shuttle buses waiting. We then boarded Venetian’s shuttle bus and alight at the lobby. (Can we have this free shuttle buses at home???)

venetian macauThe Venetian Macau lobby

Venetian Hotel is very famous for its replica of the Grand Canal in Venice Italy. It houses the casino, the replica of the Grand canal, different dining options for guests and visitors, shopping arcade, and other amenities in one roof. It is said to be the largest hotel casino in the world! If you have bags with you, you can leave them to the concierge desk located in the west foyer beside the coach station but the airport buses arrive at the casino entrance (east door). You have to drag your luggage through the casino.

venetian macauThe Venetian Macau

Shoppes and Venetian is in 3rd floor. Try Lord Stows egg tart Level 3 Unit 2119a.

venetian macau gondola rideGondola Ride inside The Venetian

inside venetian macauThe Venetian Macau

venetian macau gondola rideThe Venetian Macau

You may think staying in Macau is expensive, fortunately we watched the movie The Thieves and this gave us an idea where to stay in Macau. They featured this historic hostel, Hotel SanVa. Located at the heart of Macau and tourist spots are just a walking distance. It is perfect for backpackers but you need to book early for room reservations. We booked the regular room for 220 HKD. They offer free water which is good especially this trip requires a lot of walking. After we checked in, we proceeded with our hotel casino hopping for our first night.

hotel sanva macauFacade of Hotel SanVa

cheap hotel in macauSorry for our very messy room 😀

Av. de Almeida RibeiroAv. de Almeida Ribeiro

Av. do Infante Dom HenriqueAv. do Infante Dom Henrique

wynn macau musical fountainWynn’s musical fountain

wynn macau musical fountainBeautiful musical fountain at Wynn

Watch their musical fountain for free located in front of the hotel. Performance times: Show starts daily from 11:00 am to midnight, and runs alternately at 15 minute intervals.


macau bridge at nightBridge connecting Macau Peninsula and Taipa

macau towerMacau Tower

If you wish to go inside Macau Tower here are some information. Tower opening hours: 10am – 9pm (weekdays), 9am – 9pm (weekends and holidays). Inclusions: Level 58 observation lounge and level 61 outdoor observation deck. Price: 135 MOP

dragon show in wynn hotelDragon Show inside Wynn Hotel

Macau is known as the mini Las Vegas in Asia. Their main economy relies on their tourism and casinos. As you roam around Macau you will be fascinated with the intricate and unique hotel casino designs. Especially during at night time, these hotel casinos will light up Macau.

grand lisboa macauGrand Lisboa

grand lisboa macauGrand Lisboa

wynn hotel macauWynn Hotel

the galaxy macauGalaxy Macau

crystal show the galaxy macauCrystal Show inside Galaxy Macau

the galaxy macau lobbyBeautiful chandelier at the lobby of Galaxy Macau

macau at nightMacau at night

On our second day in Macau, we woke up early and relied on our Macau map guide we got from the ferry port. We need to warm up our feet and prepare for a long walk! There are street signs that will guide you around Macau and make sure to hold your map along the way. Just follow the signs and don’t forget to ask around too. 🙂 Here’s a summary of our walking tour in Macau.

macau alleys

Visit one of Koi Kei Bakery shops (鉅記手信) for Portuguese egg tarts and jerky! Stores around here offer a lot of free tastes on their jerky.

ruins of st. paul macauMy husband and at the back is the Ruins of St. Paul

ruins of st. paul macauRuins of St. Paul

ruins of st. paul macau

na tcha temple macau Na Tcha Temple

old city walls macauOld City walls

streetfoods in macauSpicy squid balls yum! yum! yum!

streetfoods in macau

st. augustine square macauSt. Augustine’s Square

st. augustine square macauSt. Augustine’s Square

a-ma temple macauA-Ma Temple

senado square macauSenado Square

st. dominic church macauSt. Dominic’s Church

holy house of mercy macauHoly House of Mercy

leal senado macauLeal Senado

Sir Robert Ho Tung LibrarySir Robert Ho Tung Library

St. Augustine's Church macauSt. Augustine’s Church

D. Pedro V. Theatre macauD. Pedro V. Theatre

inside D. Pedro V. TheatreInside D. Pedro V. Theatre


mandarin house macauMandarin House

moorish barracks macauMoorish Barracks

a-ma temple macauA-Ma Temple

Watch our Macau trip here.


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